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VibraToolBox Pro

4.11 usd

This app is designed for professionals in the vibrations analysis and consist as 2 parts:1 - UNITS-------------- This programm let you calculate vibration with differents units: . acceleration (g, m/s2) . velecity (mm/s, m/s, ips, fps) . displacement (µm, mm, mils, inch) . RMS, Peak, Peak-Peak
2 - DYNAMIC BALANCING--------------------------------------- . Let to calcul the unbalance with vibration measures. These mesasures can be done with devices as Studiovib, N100, or any device for measuring vibration amplitude and phase. . Rotor with 1 plane or 2 planes . Angles designed with degres or sectors. . Possible not remove the test mass . Residual unbalance . Multi balancing . Balancing class
3 - Language: French, English, Russian, Spanish